Simplifying Your remote workforce and Securely Manage Your Enterprise Mobile Workforce using HMS


BYOD solutions can potentially create efficiencies in the way employees work. However, they also introduce vulnerabilities in the network by accessing sensitive data on unsupported and/or unsecured personal devices. HMS with its BYOD module helps enterprises automatically install and separate the corporate mobile applications from their personal devices. Using a separate work container & secure network enable companies to minimize the risks of data leakage.

BYOD Containerization

Minimize data loss by limiting the device’s file sharing and access from the work profile. It helps companies create a separate workspace from their employee’s mobile devices. This enables employees to securely access their work applications & data without interfering with their personal mobile devices functionality.

Corporate Playstore

Ensure all corporate applications can only be accessed and downloaded by your employees privately with a Corporate Playstore in their workspace area. This feature is becoming one of the most secure ways for enterprises to deploy corporate mobile applications to their employees.

Private Network Configuration

Secure access & simplifying private network configuration is crucial, especially for corporate applications. It helps companies configure their corporate applications can only be accessed using their company’s network regulation.

Wipe Containerization

If an employee resigns, their data can be easily and automatically wiped from the corporate device.

About Helios

Established in 2014 as a member of CTI Group, Helios is a value-added distributor that has become an expert in mobility solutions. Equipped with certified and experienced IT talents, Helios Informatika Nusantara is committed to support the mobility needs of customers in today’s ever-changing business market.